Membership Information

Founded in 2009, the mission of the High Value Healthcare Collaborative is to serve as a provider learning network committed to improving healthcare value through data and collaboration. To accomplish this, we:

  • Measure, innovate, test and continuously improve value-based care
  • Rapidly disseminate and facilitate adoption of provide high value care models of HVHC and beyond
  • Advocate for policy and payment models that support sustainable high value healthcare
“One of the great benefits of HVHC membership is the opportunity for shared learning from highly skilled and recognized institutions with a history and commitment to quality and safety.”
—Dr. Angela Scioscia, UC San Diego Health System

Our Members span the country and reflect the diversity of American healthcare practice. What they share is commitment not only to the Collaborative’s mission, but to:

  • Understanding value-based care through shared data
  • Developing, the tools, information and relationships needed to help their systems respond to healthcare’s rapidly changing landscape
“Having connections across the country, exposure to front end healthcare leadership, access to people thinking about the same issues and being able to discuss and solution together.”
—Dr. Thomas MacKenzie, Denver Health

Belonging to the Collaborative also affords Members the chance to save costs on:

  • Improvement work
  • Access to materials, tools, templates
  • Access to Medicare data from 40M beneficiaries

But Membership also means an opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and share data on performance with trusted peers
  • Influence national agenda of reform through data-driven findings
“HVHC is physician run and at the level of the physicians. It’s the people-on-the-ground’s engagement that makes the difference. . . . The voice of the patient through patient reported measures and the voice of the doctors who practice.”
—Dr. James Weinstein, Dartmouth-Hitchcock