Since 2009, HVHC has focused on creating better value and improving care for patients facing six high-cost conditions. These include patients considering spine, hip and knee surgery; and others diagnosed with diabetes, congestive heart failure, or sepsis. The HVHC Board Committees are currently launching newly approved (October 2015) projects including:

  • Population Health:
    • Advanced Illness [pdf]
    • Meaningful Use Specialized Registry [pdf]
    • OpenNotes [pdf]
  • Episode-Base Care:
    • CMS Complexity Modifier
    • Maximization of Outcomes for Value and Efficiency (MOVE) [pdf]
  • Safety Programs:
    • Sepsis Care [pdf]
    • Iatrogenic Delirium
  • ¬†Dissemination:
    • Center for Health Care Innovation Research and Progress (CHIRP) [pdf]
    • Sepsis Dissemination & Implementation [pdf]

Additionally, Member teams across the Collaborative continually develop proposals for new projects and refine existing initiatives.